Short sunday family trip to Štanjel

We took advantage of prolonged weekend and visited Štanjel, village that has been on my “to do” list for quite some time. And it was also an opportunity to test our new child carrier and we were so happy that at the end of the day Bumblebee confirmed that she enjoyed every minute spent in cosy carrier.

A short drive from Ljubljana lies one of the oldest and most picturesque villages in the Karst region, Štanjel. It is situated on a scenic terraced slops of small hill and considering the size of the village, it offers a lot.

We started our tour with a short walk via Fabiani trail that lead us to the most famous attraction in Štanjel, Ferraris’ garden. Masterpiece created by Max Fabiani consists of exceptional fountains, water pool with Venetian footbridge, small island and pavilion along nicely set footpath. After that we took a pleasant stroll through narrow streets with traditional stone Karst houses, that eventually lead us to the hilltop where remainings of old Roman square tower can still be seen. After a mandatory morning snack while enjoying superb views on Karst landscape, it was time to head back home.

Spring is the air.





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