Velika Planina, fairytale highland pasture

Past few weeks we were quite busy with works around the house and consequently we were left with no time for weekend trips.

However,  since we all know how true the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is, we decided to take a day off from work and visit Velika Planina pasture this weekend.

Bumblebee developed a habit of getting up super early during weekends and this Saturday we took advantage of it. We left home reasonably early and after one hour drive and a short hike through remarkable landscape of Kamnik-Savinjske Alps we arrived to our destination, highland pasture with unique wooden cottages. And since we were so early, we had it just for ourselves.

Velika Planina is still a working pasture, that comes to life in June, when local farmers drive cattle here from the lowlands and stay until September. Beside taking care of cattle, producing dairy products, they are also required to participate in group work in order to maintain and preserve uniqueness of Velika Planina. It is nice to see that this unique architecture of semicircular wooden cottages is still being so nicely preserved, especially considering the fact they were almost lost during second world war, when Germans burned down most of them.



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