Sleeping under the stars

It is a common perception, that when campgrounds close down, you have to put a camping equipment some place safe and wait for the next season. But it is far from that. This is the time when fun begins, this is the time that promises the real taste of adventure.

There are only few things that can match spending the night in a cosy sleeping bag under the stars or witnessing the sun gradually rising above the surrounding peaks in the morning.

Just recently results from an experiment conducted by the University of Colorado were published, describing the positive effect of spending a few nights under the stars away from civilization, on our internal body clock and consequently better sleep.

Our  urban life in super fancy modern houses is stealing from us our needed natural light. On the other side, we get artificial light from our electronic gadgets and this is causing disturbances in our circadian rhythm, disturbances in levels of melatonin hormone and so called social jet lag. On long term, it seems to be connected to increased risk of obesity, diabetes and other diseases.

I can say that until now we experienced everything, sleeping in the cold temperatures below -15 C, spending wet and long nights in soaked clothes and enjoying warm nights in the mountains directly under the stars. And what have we learned? There are two most essential pieces of equipment that you will need in order to enjoy your stay in the great outdoors. Firstly a good sleeping bag and secondly a mattress that provides insulation from the cold and moisture of the ground. We prefer a foam mattress over a self-inflating one, especially in cold winter conditions.
Beside those two essentials, light cooking stove and a small cup is also a must. Because quiet morning in the mountains with a fresh cup of coffee in your hands is just about the perfect start to any day in the wilderness.

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