Traditional alpine architecture in Slovenia or life was easier and better in old days


From my early childhood, when we were spending weekends and summer vacations in the mountains, I am fascinated  by alpine meadows, pastures with unique architecture and a traditional shepherd’s lifestyle.

Nowdays, most of the alpine meadows is not active anymore, but still there are some that are inhabited during summer months, where dairy products are produced using old method, where one can still feel the rhythm of the past, when life was much simpler.

Sure there were difficulties, there was poverty, hard work just to survive. But still they were much happier, they loved their life. And today…advanced technologies, money, power, 24/7 connected to work, internet. We live together but barely talk to each other, and when we do it is mostly in the form of text messages. We rush from one place to another, we have hundreds of goals, obstacles, temptations.

I might be comparing horrible things of present days with easy and good things of the past, but still have a feeling, that life was much simpler and easier in the past.







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