Always sunny and colorful Burano

Each year, while visiting Venice for Carnevale, we pay a short visit to cute Burano island with its houses painted in bright colors.

From the moment that you step off the boat, you are filled with positive energy coming from the colorful streets looking like a rainbow. One might assume that this tradition is mainly connected to tourism, however it is far from that.

In the past, main source of income for Burano people was fishing. Thick fog,  very common in this parts, was causing fishermen severe difficulties during their return to, not being able to see their houses and sometimes even crashing into the coastline. Due to this they came with idea to paint their houses with specially bright colors. And believe it or not, color pattern follows a specific system and if you want to paint a house you need to get approval from the local government.

What we really like about Burano, beside the positive energy and colorful houses, is that it is never too crowded, even though so close to Venice, and you can always find a quiet spot for yourself.

If you are visiting Venice, add a trip to Burano to your itinerary. You will not be sorry.


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