Special masala and incredible India

India, you either love it or you hate it. It has been two years now, since we returned from India and I can’t wait to go back. Well, I will have to wait for our Bumblebee to grow up, but that doesn’t mean I cannot dream or even plan a next trip.

India truly is a a vibrant mix of contrasts, colours, food, scents and diversity. It is a place where life runs its own unique way. Every time you set foot out from your hotel, a new adventure awaits you. There is frantic chaos and there is serene peace, there is poverty and there is richness. And every time you return from India you start to appreciate little, simple things in life even more.

There are two special places in India that have a very dear place in my heart, places where I felt pure joy, freedom and calmness. Varanasi, city of dead and tranquil Pushkar. More on Pushkar in my next post.

There is probably no city that has fascinated me to such an exent as Varanasi, Hinduism’s most holy city. When you arrive to the city, you have a feeling that you stepped back in time. Everything here revolves around holy river of Ganges. People come here to pray, meditate, bathe, wash themselves, their clothes, dishes. And not to forget, cremate their loved ones. From time to time, you can even see a corpse floating in the river.

We planned three days for Varanasi, and they passed really quickly. We explored the city and its tiny streets with even narrower corridors, observed people on sacred ghats practicing religion, took a morning boat ride along the Ganges, shared a bed with mouse (or tiny rat?), witnessed creamation ceremony and tried absolutely delicious malai kofta.


2 thoughts on “Special masala and incredible India

  1. I really LOVE India. I have traveled to many countries but none comes close to India. I would love to go back, maybe do southern India next time.


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