Iceland, land of rain?

Today’s rain and fairly low temperatures reminded me of our visit to Iceland last July.

To be honest, we were expecting mild summer temperatures, midnight sun, enjoying evening meals in front of our tent, … But when we stepped off the plane, we were greeted with cold, grey and rainy weather. And it did not change for the next 12 days.

We were left with no other choice, but to turn this into our little adventure. Eventually, we  learned how to put up a tent in rain, prepare our meals in tent, do outdoor sightseeing in rain, wind and snow and how to dry our clothes in the car while driving to the next spot. Surprisingly, we even managed to dry my photo equipment that was constantly exposed to rain and consequently condensation.

However, as they say, after the rain there is always sunshine. Last part of our trip was a complete opposite to the beginning, with clear sky, pleasant temperatures and calm nights. This also meant a chance to do some trekking, that we were both dreaming of. We chose Fimmvorduhals hike, which starts at famous Skogafoss waterfall and takes you between two glaciers and a volcano to the Land of the gods. Literally. But that’s for the next post.

So in the end all I can say is that it was an adventure that we will never forget. Iceland really has one the most remarkable, breathtaking landscapes on the planet and is for sure one of the most wonderful countries that we had the pleasure to visit.


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